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Light of Knowledge (poem 1 of 2)
(Neelakantan Sundaram)


Gone is the morn and come is the night

All pretty things are out of sight.

I wait for the morn that ends in vain

The night goes on and that is the bane.

Eyes don't see what they should

Or the world hides all that is good?

Is this the world or am I blind

Tell me, mother, what do you find?


Eyes on the face don't ever show

If the light inside burns very low.

Light is knowledge; kindle it.

Night is ignorance: fight it.

Hold the lamp for you and me

And for the world to rightly see.

Then we don't lose the morn

The night is gone and the light is on.    

Regain (poem 2 of 2)

Regain your health by a little beer
Regain your wealth by a little desire;
Regain your love by a lying tear
Regain your friend by a smile sincere.

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S. Neelakantan wrote “Hi! After “Memories”, I am here with another poem. A few words about it. A philosopher need not necessarily be a poet. But a poet will always be a philosopher too. Read my philosophical poem, 'The Light of Knowledge' and comment.”


While submitting his poem “Regain,” S. Neelakantan wrote, “Dear readers, I had posted here a couple of poems under my original name, S. Neelakantan. But of late, I have slightly modified my name as Neelakantan Sundaram. Now I am here with another poem, a too short poem called 'regain'.. please read it and opine... Thanks, my dear readers, for the past feedbacks.”