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Silent Plea (poem 1 of 2)

Remember me, I am the TIGER.
Once in abundance, now scarce.
Thanks to man. I'll become extinct soon.
Maybe then, he will realize his sins.

Man is the greatest creation,
Yet he likes destruction.
Man wants to rule:
Which makes him so cruel.
Man is losing his soul,
As he want to remain sole.

I am powerful yet vulnerable.
Man is intelligent yet ignorant.
I am beautiful yet humble.
Man is blessed yet greedy.

Man weeps when his child is killed.
Why doesn't his heart bleed, when he kills mine?
I wish man listens to my prayer,
And does not make me his prey.
I am an animal, but why man acts like one?
Man causes me pain for his gain.
He loves my skin to make latest trend.
He takes my life to make his own fine.

Man is amused to see me but fails to see my pain.
I wish he would read the silent plea in my eyes.
Which says “PLEASE SAVE ME”

Lost Identity (poem 2 of 2)

I look like you, but I am not like you.
I have a name, but no identity.
I am human, but have no humanity.

You live for your loved ones, I die for the unknown.
You have a goal. I am a lost soul.
Your sanity gives you eternity,

My insanity spreads hostility.
Your faith brings god closer to you,
My blind faith takes me closer to god.

I have a face but no expressions.
I have a heart but no emotions.
I have a mind but have no control over it.

I have a life but no value for it.

Don't trust me. I may betray you.
Don't love me b'coz I hate you.
Don't come closer. I may explode.

Beware!!! you may succumb

as I am just a HUMAN BOMB

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“Hi, I am Smita Kamble from Bangalore. 

“Presently I am working as a Hindi lecturer in college. I like to write about current social issues.

“This particular poem is about tiger poaching.”