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Do you see the trees, move in the breeze.
Letting us know when a storm's in sight.
Why is it after a rough night;
  everyone is tucked so tight.
They come together like a loved one's just died.
It's only the wind; it's only the sky,
  coming to claim a soul tonight.
She has come for those who have done her wrong.
Why? Oh why, did she wait this long.
You pollute her water; you poison her air;
I don't understand why you should be spared.
You chop down her roots; you kill her children,
  you deserve the fate that your given.
You kill the bad; and assume you did good,
  but in reality my friend; you are no good.
I say in conclusion to the cowards of the world,
Please don't hurt my mother anymore

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J. Gamboa writes, “Well my brother said I could be greater then Edgar Allen Poe and Stephen King. That is if I only put my mind to it. So finally after three years I decided to put my knowledge to use.”