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If Only For A Moment

Lord, if only for a moment,
Let me gaze upon his face.
Let me wrap my arms around him
Feeling his warm embrace.

Lord, if only for a moment,
Let me rest my head upon his chest.
Let me snuggle close beside him,
And let his heartbeat give me rest.

Lord, if only for a moment,
Let me hear his comforting voice.
Let me place my faith in you
And know this was your choice.

Lord, if only for a moment,
Let me have this man I love.
Let my soul be filled with spirit,
Knowing the answer is from above.

Lord, if only for a moment,
Let your counsel be my guide.
For a moment can be forever,
Time and distance cannot abide.

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Karen Christie Zoller wrote, “I reside in Minnesota, the land of the frozen! We have four seasons, I like three of them.  Winter here is way too long and cold. The people however, are very warm. I have two wonderful children, a daughter and a son and a grandson who is now eight and is the joy of my life.

“One of the things I like to do in my free time is write poetry.  It is a wonderful way to express feelings and hopefully connect with other people by doing so.  If I can help someone with a situation that they have experienced, it helps me and makes me feel good inside.

“This poem was written for a man who I met on the internet and fell deeply in love with.  We were with each other for quite some time and it did not work out. 

“I have to say that I cannot seem to love again. My heart is simply not in it any more.  When I met Richard I thought he was my soul mate and I never loved more than that moment.”