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Twenty-one Distichs about Children

Leila Rosen has shared a favorite poem by Eli Siegel, which can be found with other poems of his at


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Twenty-One Distichs About Children

A distich is a unit of verse consisting of two lines.

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Leila Rosen writes, "I'm a NYC English teacher, and love studying poetry with my students. Whenever I come upon a poem that shows a desire to understand and respect the depths of the human self, with all its complexity, and does so musically, I treasure it. The poem does exactly this. In its comprehension of what goes on in a child, it is one of the kindest poems I know. Read it and see for yourself!"

Thanks to Leila Rosen for sharing the work of Eli Siegel that we suspect many readers do not know about and for sharing the Aesthetic Realism site.