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Noah's Forgotten

Twelve nights ago
I saw heaven
And the golden gates
The angels with fangs
Vampires, unicorns
All the ones that died that night
When Noah’s Arc left.

I asked them why they had not come
They said we were late
I felt sorry for the vampire
Who was just a child
His life cut short
Noah’s arc left.

I feared that all faeries died
Because of him
How could he make that mistake?
Just because they look like
Satan’s serpents.

But don't fret, you young souls.
you are a new soul
feel fine and carefree
you have a new life
that will keep you laughing
at all who left you
on Noah's arc.
Laughing, singing, dancing.
Thank God
Noah's arc left.

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Dominque wrote when submitting this poem, “This is Dominque the 13 year old again. except now I'm 14. It has been 2 years since I found you guys and I am thankful for you to put my poetry on here. I love you guys! I can also sing and play piano so this is a lyric to my new song. Please enjoy.”