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Change of Key

what is that?
Its a gorgeous simple word.
It means
giving your life for someone
or kissing them softly.
But my definition of love is something else.
Something that makes me laugh
and a boulder has been lifted off my shoulder
I look up at the sky
I see birds fly
and trees in the wind
faeries dancing on flowers
where have I been?
I never noticed God's art.
Serpents in the air
planes on the ground
the wind, so strong
blowing my hair
as I sing that long song
it has a change in key
from A to C
from minor to major
the rain starts to fall
I laugh and drink from gods tears
from tears for depression
to tears for glee
I laugh and look up at God.
"Oh man, Satan had me fooled.
I thought you were a bully
a fool, a bastard.
Boy, was I wrong."
I look up at Jesus and say,
"Damn, your dad is cool!"
I love the rain and the wind.
Makes me sick.

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“Hey this is Dominque.

“When I was in sixth grade I found this website and loved it ever since. It was my passion and I cried when I read some of these poems. now I am in ninth grade and I am really grateful for all that you have done for me. You made my depression go away. I was depressed last year because I learned about my sexual orientation and I didn't know what to do about it. Now I am a proud and out lesbian with my friends and schoolmates, but I never came out to my family. My poems are going to be now on a more benevolent note, or maybe even funny note! Well I just wanted to say thanks and I am going to miss you guys a lot during my time away. Three years I spent very interested in your poems, and now I am going to write my own.”