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Fight at the Library

Based on a true story.

A fight breaks out in the strangest of places.
I look around and see the frightened faces.
Threats are made in front of all of us.
We can hear the angry voices and are immediately hushed.
My face is pallid and wrought with despair,
Wishing I'd decided not to go there.
The fight's broken up and the police come in.
Everyone's looks at the door at the end.
A library made into an unsafe place.
You can see the relief on the librarian's face.
All ends well, and the fighters are taken away.
We all lived to see another day.

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Jennifer Elizabeth L. of Norcross, Georgia writes, “I am an aspiring actress/ singer/songwriter/screenwriter and poet. I have been published via I'm 23 years old and have led a full life of hardship, joy, loneliness, sadness, and pain. That is what I write my poems about. My own feelings good and bad.”