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Crandall Canyon Mine Utah


Darkness is normal ~ Day and night,
As miners live with limited light,
What is abnormal ~ Becomes the norm,
And fear exist in limited form,
Most of the time it’s a regular day,
Answered prayers for the families that pray,
And then it happens ~ Tragedy hits,
A mine collapses with men in its mitts,
Family and friends gather around,
Needing to help the men underground,
The mine inhaled six good men,
Who knows that help is coming for them,
There is no doubts in their minds,
For miners never leave their own behind,
They fight and dig ~ And, yes tears fall,
Silently they pray ~ As they give their all,
The families who know and live this life,
Live with the knowledge ~ Of a miner’s plight,
Time stands still ~ Breathing is hard,
Life has stopped ~ For those who stand guard,
A town stands vigil ~ A town stands strong,
Never wavering ~ No matter how long,
News crews arrive ~ So, the world can view,
The strength and fragility ~ Of a tragedy‘s truth,
Yes, strangers watch ~ Because they know,
That tragedy is everyone’s foe,
Strangers will come ~ Not just to observe,
But, to stand behind ~ To be the reserve,
As the count of the days numbers increase,
So, do the prayers, begging and pleas,
Days 11 & 12 ~ And miners still inside,
Yet, six men were hurt ~ And three men died,
Rescuers now are in harms way,
The inside exploded ~ Safety decayed,
Seismic activity ~ Unstable ground,
Is blamed for shutting the rescue down,
Drills are still drilling ~ Trying to find,
The six miners who are still inside,
With their family ~ Their Nation cries,
It truly hurts ~ To watch “Hope” die,
Lost inside ~ Fear instilled,
Faith is questioned ~ As is: God’s Will.



Days have lapsed into weeks,
No rescue ~ No recovery ~ No one seeks,
Families are lost within themselves,
“Don’t give up ~ Please try something else,
Find our sons, husbands and dads,
Give them to us ~ So, the end can be had,
We need to say goodbye to our men,
Have a service ~ Pray ~ And, say Amen.
Don’t let this dark, dank place be their tomb,
It’s bad enough that it was their doom,
Men have died trying to save our guys,
Yes, there’s danger ~ And, no it’s not wise,
Logic here doesn’t come into play,
Give us our men ~ Give us our day.”



Heroes were baptized in the dust of coal,
As they cried ~ And prayed ~ And bared their soul,
They stayed strong ~ No time to sleep,
Back breaking work ~ An unspoken promise to keep,
They gave all they had ~ Day-in and day-out,
They did their friends proud ~ That’s what counts.



The ending wasn’t scripted ~ The way of a thought,
Through anger and pain ~ Heartache was bought,
Words are tossed ~ Accusations are levied,
The men are still lost ~ And, no one was ready,
The town that stood ~ Strong and proud,
Is now divided ~ And full of doubt,
There is only one truth ~ And only one way,
It’s not ours to know ~ It’s not ours to say,
Truth be told ~ The miners weren’t alone,
There was no darkness ~ As God welcomed them Home.


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JerriFaye Thomason of Vincennes, Indiana writes, “Poetry is a lost art. So, News Poetry is how I try to bring the world and poetry together. Poetry and song is how the past is handed down. This is my contribution. Thank you for reading this poem.”

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