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A Mother Remembers

Somewhere inside me, lost
In misty folds of time,
Soft falls the sound
Of a child’s anklet, tinkling, gently
On a distant wind chime;
No form, yet child it be
Never to be free;
Some part of me remembers
An anklet’s tinkle, chiming
In the wind of a willow tree;
No air has it breathed
Unblemished it be,
Some part of me weeps
For that child, that
had no chance—
To feel and touch or
Ever be
part of me;
Oh! I hear the sound again
A child’s anklet, tinkling, gently
Somewhere inside me.

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The author writes, “Baru Gobira, India based poet. Seeker of thoughts in the journey of minds, goes afar as well as within as he believes that thoughts outlive the thinker. Hence his writings weave a strange magic of a forgotten moment in the minds of a reader.”

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