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My Life

I don't like this pedestal
I'm standing on.

It's too far to fall
When it's not my climb.

I won't spend my life
Living what you missed.

Your dreams and hopes
Aren't mine to live.

I won't be your second chance
When it's my first.

It's my turn to choose,
It's my turn to live.

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Terri Nihil from Fargo, ND writes, “I'm 21 years old and have been writing poetry for several years. I enjoy reading fantasy, romance, historical, and suspense novels. I also enjoy cross-stitching, sewing, and crafts in general. A few years ago I started trying to get published and have successfully released 5 poems.

"My Life" is about the expectations of parents—people who so want their children to not repeat their own mistakes, they try to force their children down a path not meant for them. This poem is about taking your life in your own hands, even if it hurts those who care for you and vice-versa.”