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Streaming down the side of my face.
When I comprehend that day.
That day that plays in my mind like any other.
A day that bring sadness to not only me,
But those around who also feel the affects.
I feel at times God feels what I feel
Because it is at that moment when gray clouds form
And the rain begins to come down all over
Making life seem emptier and shell less
An empty vessel within itself
More and more it burns inside
To know that you’re not here anymore
And I could think of the all the things I wish
I could have done different.
Take back certain decisions that I made
Or turn back time for just a few seconds may have prevented This outcome of uncertainty.
I’m wishing that I could tell you that I love you
Just one more time.
Hold you in my arms for just a while longer
To show you that your affection means the world
To me and I could never ask for nothing more
Than for your love.
But sometimes life isn’t planned out the way we
Want it to be.
And I just want you to know that life goes on
And I will be okay and I want you
To push on, but not forget about me
Because I will never forget you
And the love that you put inside my heart
And brought into my life.
But you will know when I’m sad
Because when you see the sky turn gray,
Just run outside, look up at the sky,
And close your eyes and think of me
Because this isn’t just rain,
These are my teardrops.
And you being there to catch them let me know
That there’s still love there
And that one day, we will be together
And this will bring the sunshine back into my life

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LeJuane Bowens from Fayetteville, North Carolina writes:

“LeJuane Bowens was born on July 30,1981 in Detroit, Michigan and moved to Lima, Ohio in 1986 where he went to school and later graduated Lima Senior High in June of 2000.Thinking that he didn’t have a chance to get in college, he joined the U.S. Army in August of the same year. Throughout the six years of being in the service, and being deployed to Iraq on two different occasions, he started to put his thoughts on paper. Once starting out as only doing poems of love and loneliness, he started to understand that there is more to life than just two emotions and began to write about almost everything he felt covered the very aspect of life itself in his eyes.

“But it was in the year of 2005 when a friend and fellow poet/writer Keith A. Anderson asked him to take his writing more seriously and try to show the world what he has to say. After deciding to take the advice, LeJuane put a few of his poems on the Internet via poetry sites, and the feedback that came back from the people that read each one was more than enough to let him know that this may be his calling.

Through poetry, he feels that he can pull people into his world by branching out to them by explaining what he feels are pieces of human nature and will that put together what we all call life. The only thing he wants to achieve is the same thing that everyone wants when they have something on their mind. And that is to only be heard.”