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Missing from my life
you really are
and I'm so sad
even though I can't do anything about it
Is it me who is afraid of change?
Is it me who hates you so much, that I will miss it?
I guess so
Here I have made so many enemies
but yet who are friends
I wont be here anymore
so say goodbye
for I will never see you again
and my presence will linger with you
goodbye forever
I never want to see this place again
but I would love to see you again
but for now, just for now
I will cry and move on.

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Dominque from Little Rock writes, “Hey, this is Domfi again. I am friends with Alex Rowe, who wrote the poem Life. Well, my inspiration for this new poem came from a song. Just so you know, I was selected to go to a poetry convention in Las Angeles because they loved my poem called, "The¬†Wedding". They are going to give me a gold medal and they are going to publish my poem in a book of famous poets and they are going to record it on audiotape. I hope you guys are proud of me.”

Congratulations Dominque!