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Why Shouldn't  I Dream?

Why shouldn't I dream?
Takes me where I want,
Makes me do what I want,
Introduces me to fairy queen,
Lands me on beautiful moon,
Why shouldn't I dream?
Makes me float as cloud,
I can collect stars from sky,
And pearls from ocean,
I travel around whole world.

Why shouldn't I dream?
Surrounds me with happiness,
Takes me away from all sorrows of life,
Brings my love close to me,
Why shouldn't I dream?
I get what I want,
Don't wake me up from this dream.

Why shouldn't I dream? 

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Geeta Nair from India writes,

“This poem ("Why Shouldn't I Dream?") is my first poem. Dreams fascinates me a lot and I have written based on dreams.

I have written around 200 poems. I love music and nature.”



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