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I’m ever so safe, life goes by day by day,
Use to this world beyond the boundaries locked away.
The world is beautiful in ways I can explore,
The chance is open to me, I should grab it, adore.

No, I’ll stay nice and safe behind this shield,
Behind the blanket and beyond the feel.
No, I’ll stay safe behind this wall,
Behind the fear of maybe nothing at all.

I feel so lonely and have so much to give,
I feel so embarrassed, so closed within.
God help me open what I have enclosed,
God please get me out of agoraphobia’s hold.

The time that it hit me I really don’t know,
The chance of mixed company, oh I must go,
Yeah I must go; yeah I must hide,
Yeah I must know and feel nothing inside.

What do I lose by just fighting my pride?
I lose so much more by just staying inside.
I’ll slide and cry, life’s passing me by,
I may as well be a corpse as my soul dies.

Copyright 2007, Rebecca Heffernan

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Rebecca Heffernan from the United Kingdom wrote “I am Rebecca, 31, born in Ireland but I live in Wales, U.K. Some of my poetry is different than some poetry today. It's dark in places and is about real life issues. I also write spiritual and love poems and experiment with poetry writing. My work has not been published and is displayed on line in hope that one day some of it may be. My work is also copyrighted.”