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For You, The Soldier

For you, we fall.
For you, we fight.
For you, we ride to unknown happenings,
in the dead of night.

For you, we work.
For you, we sacrifice.
For you, we stand and become the frontline.

For you, we rise.
For you, we sweat.
For you, we walk the line, of no regret!

For you, we care.
For you, we suffer.
For you, we are the roaring thunder.

May God forgive.
May God be with us.
May God be proud.
May God protect us.

To you, the loved ones, we left behind,
the country we honor and the people who
make us, The Soldier!

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Bonnie K. Florea from Captiva, Florida tells us she has been published in various publications such as "Grab the Queen Power."

In July of 2005, Bonnie Florea published "Uncovering My Eyes," under the pen name B. K. Scarlet. It can be found at and

She also writes that she is “looking forward to an upcoming Anthology of Poetry that she helped to put together that will donate all its sales to The Children's Wish Foundation.”

"Bonnie’s hobbies are crafts, a web site for writers and poets and a yahoo group, Writers & Poets. Bonnie loves many things  but  on the top of her list are her kids, husband and pets,  and all of her other family members and true friends. Then of course is her passion for words."