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Learning from Nature

Look at the sky.
You will see how wide it is.
It teaches us how to be liberal.
Look at the ocean.
You will see how big it is.
It teaches us how to broaden our heart.
Look at the tree.
You will see how helpful it is.
It teaches us how to be selfless.
Look at the sun.
You will see how it burns for us.
It teaches us how to help others.
Look at the human world.
You will see how much they love war.
It teaches us how to be angry.
Have a look always in nature.
You will learn many things
And it will make you a perfect creature.

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Anis from Bangladesh tells us “I¬†believe nature is the best way to learn something that can be helpful for our worldly life. I love nature. So this poem is the reflection of my love of nature. I¬†hope everyone will love nature and do not do anything that may go against our environment and nature.”