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Sometimes I can almost feel my life slipping away,
Slowly like the night, as it turns to day.
It feels like I'm in quicksand,
I have no choice.

I want to listen to myself, but somehow,
I hear another voice.
Its disturbing voice echoing no; you can't; you will fail,
I am heaven bound, but this feels like hell.

No matter how much I succeed, that evil is still here,
Finding every wrong doing, that evil is still near.
Evil won't look you in the eye, it will find another way,
To ruin and destroy the life that you live today.

To halt your happiness; that is the devil's plan,
And once you give in; your life is in the devil's hand.
But you cannot give up all hope, tomorrow the sun will shine,
Giving you new life to live in this world I call mine.

So never say never, until the day that you finally lie,
This end is only a beginning, to a paradise in the sky.


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Nicholas J. Presciano of Ashtabula, Ohio wrote, “I have always loved poetry. I feel like poetry is medicine to the heart, soul and mind. This poem that I wrote is about encountering the everyday struggles of life and the troubles that it brings from inside and outside forces. But thinking of a new day tomorrow and living life with faith and hope is what I try to get across to the reader. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.


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