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Nothing's Quite As It Seems

He'll never know the way I feel.
I was living a dream too good to be real.

For the first in my life I thought I had someone who'd care.
He held me at night and said he'd always be there. 

At the start I wouldn't believe it, but in time his words seemed true.
Before I knew it, I gave him my heart; something I wish I didn't do.

I try to sleep but just lay and stare. 
I try to breathe but choke on this air. 

All around me is a smoky haze.
Blinding me from finding a way out of this maze.

He's spun me in circles with all of his lies,
He had me fooled with his clever disguise.

Darkness surrounds me for another endless night. 
I feel it consume me but I'm too weak too fight.

Alone in silence except for his voice in my head,
Repeating all the lies that he ever had said.

I have the feeling of dehydration
I'm waiting to feel that elevation.

It numbs the pain that's killing me inside.
I ran from it so long I'm out of places to hide.

He's left me in this nightmare that started as dreams.
And taught me there is nothing that's really as it seems.


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Rachel L. Sheppard of Sonoma, California writes, “I wrote this in August 2006 after going through a breakup with someone I cared for and loved for so many reasons and in so many ways. But as quick as it had all started, it had ended and I was left alone and hurt, with nowhere to turn.”