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In one ear, out the other!

Wanna know where I go,
When you’re bitching at me,
I’m a bird on the wing,
I’m away flying free.
I’m away with the faeries,
Beyond the blue skies!
On a paradise planet,
Where everyone flies,

And dances and sings,
About how it’s so great,
To be free of life’s tallies,
Hassles and weight!
So bitch on my honey,
Go on give me grief,
If you think that, that works,
And that’s your belief,

And regardless the nodding,
You see as reply.
That’s the flapping of wings,
On my inward eye!
Way above mountain ranges,
‘Neath a glorious sun,
Whilst you’re stressing and bitching,
I’m away having fun.


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Sid “de” Knees from the United Kingdom writes, “I love to write but seldom about myself.”