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God Unlimited

A journey in search of self is where it oft begins
As if God and self are one
Enlightened self interest, bitter consequences, rude awakenings
Dictating a mission of divine purpose
To be safe and saved we must find God!

And culture, faith, conception, misconception reveals
It is God in that river
Catharsis in that flow cleanses mind body and soul
Worship with zeal without question
Hereafter is secure, the river is God!

To those with blest wisdom and ancient antecedents
The great prophet speaks
Infallibility, mapping a way of life, intolerance of infidels
Sacred duty protects the word
The book, chapter and verse is God!

And here we are transplanted and inherited, in search of self
The Book, the Cross, the Man
Directed, but free to follow, our own way to choose
And makes of Him our benevolent despotic
As in earnest we search for God!

So to make journey sure, passage safe, destination certain
Confining Him, ostensibly to please
Holding Him captive for consolation and benevolence
Our selfish ends to achieve
Conceptualizing, we capture God!

And yet, though lopsided our view and skewed our vision
His awesomeness and omnipotence
Allows us favourable occasion
To gracefully embrace the token glimpse that makes us know
The limitlessness of our God!


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Mr. Brooks from Jamaica writes, “I am a Chriatian with a difficulty. I cannot accept that God is merely the Christian God.”

Mr. Brooks tells us “I am an Educator with post graduate training in public education.”