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Sometimes you go through life just to see,
What your life is meant to hold,
You ask “Is this life meant for me”
“Why is this life meant to be so cold”?

You have a lot of knowledge,
Although many things have happened,
You are going to college.
even if you are saddened.

Life may be very tough,
If you go through life crying,
It is very rough.
If someone you love is dying.

Even if you aren't that smart,
Just know you will make it because you have a big heart.

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Alex Rowe of Mabelvale, Arkansas submitted this poem and wrote, “I am 12 years old. I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. My real mother died when I was 9. I have two brothers and my father got remarried so I also have a stepmother and two stepsisters. I love to read. In all of my spare time I am at a library. Recently, I have discovered how interesting poetry is by one of my teachers, so now everything I read is mainly poetry.