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Is this the world we want our children to see?
Is it futile?
Do we want them to subsist?
Is this the world we sought for ourselves
     when we fought for freedom?
Do we allow the atrocities that demise humanity?
I say onto you!
The time is now.
The time has come.
It is at hand.
You must consider.
You must choose.
Life or Death.
Right vs. Wrong.
The will to carry on, even if it hurts.
The will to fight for what you believe in.
Find the strength in your character,
And YOU shall triumph,
Over that which weakens our struggle to exist.

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Richard Hernandez from Amherst, Massachusetts wrote, “I'm 32 years old and have a beautiful 10 year-old daughter named Sydnee.

"This is 15% of me. I'm a musician for about 15 years now! I play the piano, violin, and the guitar. I'm a hopeless romantic and I daydream about love.

"The remaining 85% = the love I have for life, every thing in it, and everything that comes with it."