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The Rain

I remember~

The rain came down one calm, warm night~~
It poured down quietly, and made the sounds of bullets on the windows~~~
The thunder rumbled loudly, yet I wasn't afraid~~~~
The strikes of lightning came from Heaven, that light up the skies!~~~~~

I was dressed~
In my little pajamas~~
My mom was asleep, and I was all alone at the front screen door~~~

The rain came down in showers now~~~~
I was standing on the vast front porch~~~~~
The steps, so close and so big.~~~~~~

I took one step and, then the other~
One by one, I went down and down the steps~~
When I came at the bottom~~~
The rain poured down like bullets upon me~~~

It poured and poured, soaking my little pajamas~~~~
I stood there, and then my mom came outside~~~~~

I went inside with her, but before I shut the front screen door~~~~~~

I smelt a deep aroma~~~~~~

It was



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Karla from Lansing, Michigan writes, “I like to make the person feel the core emotions when they read my writing.

“This poem is about the rain. It tells about me (you) in the rain and seeing things, but a scent comes through. At the end you'll know."