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Beneath the Mask Lies the Opposite

For far too long
You’ve been secreting yourself in shame.
What you’ve been through was wrong,
But there’s only you to blame.

I don’t mean to say
That you meant evil with your charade,
But even through tougher times, how you may
Held yourself down to be so afraid?

Show the colors of your rainbow,
Why must I ask?
You are great and beautiful, let your confidence show!
Move on with your life, and finish this task.

It’s time to come out,
Everything’s all right.
Jettison your self-doubt.
The world’s not so harsh. You can overcome this plight.

Emerge from your shell,
The world needs some fresh air.
Don’t wait for time to tell,
You have so much to share.

In your warmth, they can bask.
With your amazing strength, worry not a bit.
Take off the white mask,
Because underneath it is something great, and something so . . . 


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