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If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time 
(aka Jewels)

If I could turn back the hands of time
I would turn it all back to the times that I was with you
I would do my best to spend more special moments with you too
and, if I could I would also do my best to change it also so we could stay
together forever ... just us two


Yes, I would do my best to add on to our moments in times together
because, times with you were so awesome, cool and beautiful too
for we embraced our times together because we both always knew...
we both always knew that we only had so much times together


We both had our visions of what was to come and then pass
we both knew our times together wouldn't last
for it was faith that took you
and, now I must wait to be with you again too


As another year has come and is about to pass
I still hear our songs and think of our past
I still long for you my love you were so true blue, loving, caring and funny too
I will always cherish and treasure our times together of being with you...


As we both know ... I cannot turn back the hands of times
so, I will wait and live out my life for whatever destiny has planned for me
I will wait for my blessing to be with you again in time
as I write some of what I am feeling in these few lines...

I Love and Miss You Jerry!

Sincerely, Jewels

© : Julie M. Agor McIlvaine

a.k.a.: Jewels

On: December 10, 2006


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Julie McIlvaine wrote:

Well, it's that time of year again for me...

When I am even more sad and depressed for many different reasons . . .

But, I won't go into all the rest for now...

But, one of them is:

As many of you know . . .

My fiancé Jerry got hit by a drunk driver on Christmas Eve night in 1992,

As he was walking on that one fatal night . . .

We were supposed to get married on his birthday January 3, 1993,

Instead, I had to attend his funeral on January 6, 1993.


One of our last songs together . . .

Artist: Richard Marxx

Song Title: Right Here Wating