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Remembering Our First Moments

Sharing moments in time with someone so close and dear
Is truly a great blessing filled with great and beautiful feelings
Like clear rivers flowing or stars up high gleaming
Sharing beautiful moments in times you want to last forever.

Remembering our first moments together
When we first met were so very cool
Everything was so much better
With only love that ruled.

Our first moments were so full of joy and laughter
So much love and happiness
Every moment of the day and after
And, into the nights of loving sleeplessness.

Just enjoying it all every little thing
Like the beauties of flowing rivers and streams
Like little children without a care in the world
Like the exhilarating feelings of riding roller-coasters and

It was as if we knew each other forever
We just clicked so well together
With no questions asked
Like our hearts and souls were unmasked.

Two of us shared so many precious moments in time
Both lost in our joys of our loves
Like God's beautiful white doves
Remembering our first moments together in time . . .


It's me, Jewels


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The poet wrote, “My name is Julie and 48 yrs old and I am some what new to trying to write poetry. I┬áhave always loved poetry since I was young. So, here is one of my attempts at writing poetry.

“Thank you for letting me share my try at writing poetry...very great site.”

Julie is from California. Her next poem is very sad and touching. Poetryfans thanks her for sharing such an intimate poem.

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