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I Will Love You Forever

My only advice to everyone:
Always love the one who loves you
This poem is for my love.

I will love you forever
In health and fever
You are the one for me
You are my world
My lover for all time
I will never let you down
Sometimes I want to hold you
And never let you go
I'm lost in your love
I myself say of course
We belong together
That's what I believe

I will love you forever
Like a ring on my finger
I can climb the mountains
To just go and say how much I love you
Jolly tears in my eyes
Love can never be described
In my cup of tea
I always see you
I can waste all my time
Kissing and drawing your name in my hand
You are the book of my life
One from thousands I like


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“My name is Zainab, I'm an East African girl from Tanzania but I was born in Dubai and have lived my entire life here.

“It was at age of 18 that I made my poems public. My first site was poetbay and I got many good responses and I'm very much happy.  I have been considered at many sites as one of the good poets. My dream is one day to become a successful poet people appreciate and publish my own book.

“I  started working as a front office receptionist at a very young age and believe me I have gone through many bad times too. But I didn't give up because I know in life there are ups and downs. I love writing, drawing, reading blah blah. I can speak English, Arabic, a  little Hindi and of course my mother tongue Swahili.”