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Falling Off a Cliff

It's like you're wounded and hanging on a cliff
You're trying so hard but your body seems so heavy to lift
You're  hands can no longer hold
For the other hand is on that wound
You are scared to fall so you struggle to stay alive
With lost hope you still have some pride
You don’t look down
You try to stay focused hanging above the ground
You wonder how you got there in the first place
You wish this part of your life could be erased
Your hands are bleeding
You are crying but no one can hear your pleading
Still you're not letting go
No you're not going to
You want to rise up so bad
Up there where things were good way back
You don't know what to do
How long will you stay hanging there like a fool!
No one is there you're all alone
Surrounded by hills of rocks and stones
You can't rise up any more
seems there's nothing to live for 
Your hands finally surrender
For they can't hold on any longer
You're falling now
Waiting to hit the ground
Waiting to face your destiny
These few seconds can feel like an eternity
You finally hit the ground
Unconscious, nowhere to be found
You then open your eyes wishing it were all a dream
Are you dead? you ask yourself as you lie there unable to move or scream
Rocks, stones and  shades of gray is all you see in a blur
Everything around you is black and white for sure
Anger, hate, tension, depression, and confusion
Broken down trying to find a conclusion
You're loosing trust in everything
What more can be coming?  
Gray clouds in a starless dark night
As it starts to rain and thunders while you cry and fight
The pain is too much to bear
You pray to god for you know he's fair
To help you pick up your self again
Heal your pride and wash off your sins
You still have hope . . . you still want to live
This fall won't stop you to live, love and give
You now look around  for the rain has stopped
Your anger is tamed and your tears have dried up 
You see some grass has grown
Shades of green with some colors of different tones
Children running, loved ones grinning
Where were they all along why couldn’t you feel their being 
Your vision is clear you're able to move and walk
The wounds still hurt but they wont make you stop

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Saja Matar from the United Arab Emirates writes, “This poem is about a bad relationship I was in, and the emotions we start going.”