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Up I Grew with Nature Wild

As a child, up I grew with nature wild
On a heath pure and undefiled
I saw, near my house, a mongoose Red Mouth
Running to and fro from north to south
And at a fallow retreat not far
I met a shy retiring jaguar
Often I accost at nearby Four Square
A ravenous grizzly bear
And behold a timid tortoise going somewhere
Hearing my footsteps he draws his head inside
Leaving me stunned and petrified
And I came across once
A jackal that from me kept safe distance
scanning me with cunning eyes from top to toe
And considering me a perennial foe
And had a glimpse of a hedgehog, in winter, through fog
Who at slightest rustle, hid behind a stile
Reducing itself to a thorn pile
Grey rabbits run amok seeing me in vicinity
Thinking that I chase them with impunity
Field squirrels, however, are unperturbed
With my presence they are least concerned

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