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Children of Africa

Little black eyes are as big as moons
Staring into the abyss of hope
The young children starve
For food and attention
Begging for a little longer life
Past a teenager maybe
Their bodies limp with malnourishment
But the power to live supports them
A complete stranger brings light to a dark tunnel
Innocent faces and facial expressions tell many things

The stories of fate are overshadowed by happiness
They truly desire love
Nothing more complex
Just a tender loving touch
To feel like someone cares
What more does it take?
Besides compassion and tears
One who takes initiative to back up thoughts?
And one who loves
To care for the children of the world

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S.K. Liberty from Bozeman. Montana writes, “This poem was written to invoke humanity. I hope for anyone who reads this they understand that children are children who just want to experience love.”