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Midnight Voices

I lie in bed at night unable to sleep
The voices are back again from in deep
Voices that shout and scream at me
Voices make me pained, they tell me to go free
A battle of do this and do that rages on
One of assurance, another of doubt, I fell like a pawn
What you want and what you fear are on he speaks
So turn your fear into comfort and the want into reality
Combine your pain and what you want says the other
Because the want is motivated by the pain
So many voices
So many choices
They’re restless giving me less rest
Like a giant mosquito, the voices are a giant pest
And yet they always give me one conclusion
Of not giving up that which I call refusion
I realize that which I strive for the most
Seems to lead nowhere like an uncatchable ghost
Like being tangled in razor wire
The more I fight for it the more it hurts

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