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An Image Before Me (dedicated to Shonda)

Looking in the mirror
What do I see?
Not an image of myself
But a stranger before me.

I see a young lady
With life's pain on her shoulder
A hidden smile
And a heart and soul beating like thunder

Who is this person?
Never afraid to back down
To be her brother's keeper
And to keep her love for herself unfound.

An image full of torment and pain
Is there help for this girl
Or is she stuck in the game?

When she takes a step
A slap in the face
Angry looks
And people's laughs
Because she walks with her head down

Hurt her?
Oh no!
Hurt vacations there
In her soul
In her heart
In her mind
Where does love lie?

Dismissing anyone who causes her pain
She rolls on with her click
Of four kids and a husband
Now who is this?

Her head is now held high
Because she has flipped the script

Walk on Shonda
With your head held high
You are a ray of hope
That shines in your family's life.

Be of courage
Be of strength
And let pain and hurt die.
Be enriched in God's eye.

I wrote this poem in dedication to you
Because you display
And pride

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Candace McHenry of North Little Rock, Arkansas writes, “Hi, my name is Candice and my inspiration is life. I see people for who they
are. I see things for what they are.”