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Love Maze

As I walked down the crowded halls,
I saw him standing there.
He was flirting with his girlfriend,
Her hands massaging his hair.

I can just hear the conversation now:
"Are ya gonna be at the game?" he asks.
"I wouldn't miss it for the world,
I'll be sitting with Brittany on the grass."

I take one last glance,
And then turn my head away.
My heart can't take this carnival ride,
For my emotions tend to stray.

If you haven't caught on yet,
Let me fill you in:
The guy I long for is taken,
And I'm left in the garbage bin.

I see him every day in school,
And he should be able to notice me.
But somehow out of his busy schedule,
He finds the time not to open his eyes and see.

He did once talk to me,
He tapped me on the back.
But his eyes filled with questioning,
Asked for the class movie, if I had a snack.

Does he do this on purpose?
Or is he just to blind to see?
My head says I should forget him,
My heart says he belongs to me.

Now maybe I'm just being normal,
Or I'm just in a mindless daze.
I feel like a naive little mouse,
Trying to find its way through a complicated maze.

What is this and where does it come from?
Does it come from above?
The only explanation that comes to my mind is,
It's that exotic thing called love.

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