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Expressions of Love

Nat King Cole
Michael Skelding

We saved
to buy his albums
one by one
and "When I Fall In Love"
became our song.

"Forever" seemed
a distant blur
back then,
but now its not
so very far away.

They play it on
our anniversary
over the duck
the sea bass
and the wine.

They play it
without knowing
what we know
and knowing what we know
we start to smile.

The Legacy
Michael Skelding

look at you
you look at me

and still we sense
the chemistry

that over all the years has stayed
indeed increased more than its strayed.

In unison
and side by side

upon the lake of life
we glide

like swans who pair till one has gone
leaving the mate lost and alone.

At least a bank
of memory

a living
loving legacy

to treasure and to draw upon
until  the time we meet again.

You are Divine!
  Geeta Nair

Your incentive words lift up my spirit,
Your considerate ear makes me confident,
Your smile makes me feet life is beautiful,
Your genuine love makes me feel existent,
Your presence makes me feel secure,
Your gentle touch makes me forget each sorrow,
Your serene look brightens my way with hope
For me heaven is where you are,
No words to describe you
Only I can say to me you are Divine

Us and Always
  Kayla A. from Miami, Florida

Look at me, no really look at me;
We've been through it all together now we finally see.

We're meant for love, yes a beautiful love
And all we have to thank is the one's above.

How many times have been through an argument that we haven't fixed?
A Scorpio and a Taurus was a perfect mix.

No need to explain, we've climbed the mountain this far,
we've changed the light before it blew out and its not so dark.

Ex-girl friends and boyfriends get back together, like me and you.
So . . . look at me, no really look at me,

We will always be together with happy memories.

by Abdelkrim Gueniche from Morocco
I love you
If you don't trust me
Ask the moon
Ask the stars
They will say
You are the unique angel
Who haunts all my nights.
I love you
If you don't believe me
Ask my inspiration
Ask my quill
They will reply
You are my favorite song
And my Siamese rhyme.
I love you
If you don't trust me
Ask my heart
Ask my veins
They will tell
My blood runs for you
And only for you my love

Lost Love
  John Fritsche

Where have you gone?
What have you done?
Why do I still yearn for your love?
Has it really been 27 years since I held your hand?

I think of you daily,
Remembering our past.
Like a tree whose leaves turn brown,
Like the gray sky, Like a tree alone in
the middle of a barren field,
I feel alone dying each day: the void, the hurt, the loss
of losing you.

My heart has shattered into a million tiny pieces.
Oh Sharon, why do I still love you after all that time?
Like the dying tree I have died a million deaths
deep inside.

I love you, Sharon.

For Sure
  Melissa Barraclough

My head just won't stop spinning,
It's like you're always on my mind.
I never felt this way before,
But I know that it feels right.

When you wrap your arms around me,
Or hold my hand in yours.
The way you say I love you,
Makes me know for sure.

The feelings that I have for you,
Are absolutely pure.
And when things are not quite right,
I know you are the cure.

You tickle me till I can't breathe,
And flash your sexy smile.
The way you hold me close to you,
I know that you are mine.

So when I say I love you,
And kiss you tenderly.
I'm saying deep down in my heart,
I know we are meant to be.


Fire is the warmth in your heart
its the way you hold me
and keep me safe from the outside
fire is what I see in your eyes
every time I look at your sweet face
it gives me comfort to know your
fire is always burning for me
your fire makes me happy and
keeps me warm and out of danger
fire is what I see when someone
says your name around me
it is what I feel when I think of you
your my world and my life
my strength to carry on
your fire keeps me going
as my own person
it makes me strive to be a better person
than what I am now
your fire is the love you have for me
it lets me know you will always be there
when I need you day or night
fire is what I have in my heart for you
like I know you have for me

Do You Love Me or Do You Not

So I can say I care for you.
Of all the women I've ever met.
You're the one I won't forget.
And if I die before you do.
I'll stay around and wait for you.
My spirit will stray around in this world.
Waiting for that one and only perfect girl.
I wish there was a way, to understand how you feel.
But sometimes it just doesn't feel all that real.
You say you love me, You say you care.
I just need a promise you'll always be there.
So say the words I want hear.
Stay and tell me I have nothing to fear.
Love and compassion is all I need.
For you're the one who truly completes me.
This utter silence is so undefined.
Just knowing that you may not be mine.
I just wanna make things right.
It's you I want as my beautiful wife.
To be the one who catches my tears.
And to tell me that there's nothing to fear.
The feelings I feel are oh-so true.
And they're all pointed towards you.
There's only one thing I need to know.
To help our love bloom and grow.
Do you love me or do you not.
You told me once but I forgot.

Missing You!!
Geeta Nair

As the silence crept inside my room
And loneliness surrounded me
My eager eyes searched for you
I am missing you . . .

I want to share my feeling with you
And hear a word from you
Lay my head on your shoulder,
I am missing you . . .

As the waves of memories flash,
I want those days back
And color my dreams with joy,
I am missing you . . .

Wipe this darkness of loneliness
And fill in music of love,
Can’t bear this pain any longer,
I am missing you . . .

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