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A selection of Haiku

Natsume, Soseki (1867-1916)

On New Year's Day
I long to meet my parents
as they were before my birth.

Shiki, Masaoka (1867-1902).

For love and for hate
I swat a fly and offer it
to an ant.

The summer river:
although there is a bridge, my horse
goes through the water.

Basho, Matsuo (1644-1694).

Poverty's child—
he starts to grind the rice,
and gazes at the moon.

Takahama, Kyoshi (1874-1959)

The winds that blow—
ask them, which leaf on the tree
will be next to go.

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If you click the names of the Japanese poets, you will be redirected to pages where you can purchase Haiku volumes by these writers.

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