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I Never Knew

I never knew the pain that one person could endure,
Until the day you passed away and then it all became clear.
I never had a loss before and you have been my first.
I wanted to scream and lord knows I cried,
For the day you went away you took half of my inside's.
My stomach hit the floor and my heart walked out the door.

It took awhile to come back to me and it came back with my baby.
Even though you cannot see her and she cannot feel your touch.
I tell her every day you would have loved her so much.
Even though you're gone your memory still lives on,
In our heart's and our minds until one day we will find each other again.


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Jennifer of Hesperia, California writes, “My inspiration for this poem is my brother. He passed away in October of 1994. I decided to write poetry about him as an outlet for some of my pain.”

Thank you Jennifer for sharing your expression of this intimate loss with poetry fans.