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Three Sonnets

Sonnet No. 1 (Valentine's Day)

This day, a celebration of the heart,
Had never meant a thing to me years past,
For never did I know a heart so loud,
Whose music makes my own drum beat so fast,
To rhythms of desire and jealousy,
In tones of laughter, joy, and empathy.
Yours is too beautiful a heart to waste
As a mere passenger on your life’s quest;
There’s far too much for it to see and taste
Before it stops to beat and lays to rest.
Always let passion navigate your ship,
And though the current may not bring you here,
      Still from this shore I’ll watch the ocean blue,
      Still on the sand I’ll sit and dream of you.

Sonnet No. 2

If I could just describe a fraction of
Your beauty, I would call myself a poet.
If I could draw one feature of your face,
The artists of the world would praise my talent.
If I could understand your inner thoughts,
Then I’d be called a scientific genius.
If I could know the pureness of your soul,
The people would believe I was a prophet.
If I could sing the way you make me feel,
No doubt they all would swear I was an angel.
If I could be as tall as you are strong,
They’d stare in awe at this colossal giant.
      And yet there is no name for what I’d be
      If ever you would give your heart to me.

Sonnet No. 3

To stop myself from thinking about you
Would be just as impossible to do
As trav’ling through, or turning backwards, time,
As difficult as making silence rhyme,
As hard as seeing sounds or hearing sights,
As tough as making shadows with no light.
To stop myself from dreaming of your face
Would be like breathing air in outer space.
To separate my heart and soul from yours
Would take the strength of Hercules and more.
To be completely honest and most true,
These all are things I simply cannot do.
      But if you can accept these faults of mine,
      Anything else you want, My Love, is fine!


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Ozan Haksever writes, “These sonnets are very personal works of poetry. I wrote them for my girlfriend, the love of my life, at various points early in our relationship. On a literary level, they were inspired by the poetry of William Shakespeare, whose words continue to inspire me.”


To read two of Shakespeare's love sonnets, see Sonnet 29, When in Disgrace with Fortune and Men's Eyes and Sonnet 30, When to the Sessions of Sweet Silent Thought.