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Dreams (poem 1 of 3)

When days are long and dismal,
and nights consist of desperation,
dreams and fantasies can fulfill,
defining life with gratification.

But what is a dream, do you know?
For I only distinguish what's real.
But I believe it may be beautiful,
something resplendent that we feel.

A dream is but an aspiration
that we aim to make come true.
A dream is something exclusive and surreal,
a subconscious yearning we subdue.

Dreams are made of secret desires,
waves of emotion that laugh, then cry--
like a quiet whisper longing to shout,
a dream is merely reality defined.

Dreams are mystical, magical visions,
conceptions of our inner core.
A dream is but an obsession of self
to strive and struggle for.

The Truth (poem 2 of 3)

A man of many commodities, with a noble wife,
still he escapes reality to fabricate his life.
Trying so hard in every possible way
to conceal his burden each and every day.

Though he dreams, this corporeal man,
he never remains in his fantasy land.
Reality gets too intense now and then,
so he dreams and dreams and dreams again.

But his dreams are never attained,
and contentment he seeks is never sustained.
A superficial, lavish life, yet not quite enough,
when absent within is the great wealth of love.

The truth he found is the truth he now hides,
the love of another, he now denies.
Living his life haunted by the ghost
of the love he relinquished, but desired most.

Circumstances of reality determine his fate,
his secret feelings, he must now negate.
His life of good fortune can never erase
the memory of love's essence and grace.
A love so innate between two hearts--
a fantasy reality has torn apart.
The love they designed may he NEVER forget,
but the truth he eludes, may he NEVER regret.

My Plea (poem 3 of 3)

Help me to let go
of yesterday,
my broken heart,
my shattered dreams.

Help me find my way.
Release me from this pain,
tears flood my hollow soul,
create in me a smile,
restore my willingness,
make me whole.

Help me to feel love again,
where passion once burned,
a feeling of completeness,
loving entirely,
and having it returned.

Help me to erase the memory
of love once known,
haunting me, taunting me,
please rescue me.
Carry me home.


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Amber Kitner is from Newport, Pennsylvania.