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Complexities of Life

Each day unfolds
betraying my curiosity.
there isn't anything
in store for me,
I seek miracles
that benefit my cause

These momentary outbursts of inspiration
and motivation
are pillars to lean on,
and they just disappear
turning my beautiful palace
into a sorrow of nothingness.

Yet I dearly respect life
and every aspect of it;
each day I strive to be
worthy of this responsibility handed
over to me.

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Tasha writes, “I am not a great poet, but what the heck, I still write poetry.”

Despite what she says, Tasha has some interesting poems at this site. The The Phone Call is riveting. Closest to You, is included in our selection of Reader's love poems. Her other poems are The Unfriendly Road and These Nights Grow Darker.