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My Imagination

My imagination

in a far away land
full of passion and pride
is you my friend,
the love of my life.

I meet you
on the road to love
and instead of a grim reaper
is a beautiful dove.

my life was horrid
until you came along
and showed me friendship.
goodbye dread, so long!

but I wake up soon
as real as it seems
and I soon realize
it was only a dream.

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Dominque who found the Poetryfans Web site when she was 11 years old wrote this when she first submitted her poems:

“Hello. I am a poetry fan. I just found out about this web site two months ago. I always loved poetry, its just, I could never have any friends who see through my eyes. One day I met two girls. they knew exactly how I felt. Then, I found out about this web site. Now I know that this dark world is full of people who hide secretly, but they have light. They haveĀ  poetry.”