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O, Rescue Me , Lord! (poem 1 of 2)

In the cold day, I wade through thick fog,
My light glimmers, sadly . . . I long to see you gleam.
My weak body yearns to rest in the shade,
But the hands of evil pushes me forth.

I see no joy, I hear no songs . . . nothing but woe;
I taste no sweetness from your seasonal rain—
O Lord, lift me out of this wilderness!
I, a lost wanderer, in the ravenous hand of Satan;

My heart has surrendered to the deafening howl of pain,
It has ceased singing hymns and dancing its Rumba . . . 
I am a child of the light, but lost and blinded by sins,
I see no sunshine but pure black ink, smeared everywhere.

O, my Jesus, save me from the evil hand of the devil!

Seeking Yesterday's Love (poem 2 of 2)

Evening sunlight, the footsteps along the river,
Listening to the colors of dusk in the tiny universe.
I stroll there in the sunshine alone,
My sad tears, my silent songs.

My heart, a silent cry, waiting for you,
Half way around the globe, love is blurry.
Your precious songs given to me
To bring to my far away homeland.

Oh, my darling, hold on to my soul
To keep as a wonderful past souvenir.
Oh my man, do not forget me.
Once, I miss you, a thousand centuries I love you.


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Tri Tran of Huntington Beach, California writes, “I am Vietnamese, raised in England and now in the U.S. I write both in English and Vietnamese.”