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The Unseen Boundary

Sometimes I feel, will this earth and sky ever meet,
Sometimes I feel, will the people from both sides ever meet,
one is divided from the other,
just because of this border,
mothers are crying, sisters are praying, wives are weeping,
why are the god still sleeping?
will the brothers of both sides ever unite
or will they keep believing in the fight

The countries are under a serious threat
People of both sides are upset
Children are learning unethical lessons
Guns and arms are now their passion
Killing and crying is a new song
God knows it will go on how long

People are worshipping different religions
Castes and creeds are creating divisions
Brother of this side is shooting the brother from other side

All because of this standing border wide.
I wish there could be love and affinity everywhere
There should not be a grudge and crunch anywhere
I wish that both countries unite and become one beautiful place
Where love and care stay forever and wars have no place

I believe this earth is a beautiful stage
Time has arrived when the youngsters should act as a sage
Now lets not waste our valuable time
lets kick dirty old politics and forget olden days.

There will be one message on everyone's lips
Love and friendship should stay and all the differences quit
Brother will not kill the other brother
There will be no wars and ravage further.

Finally both the Sthans (Pakistan and Hindustan) will be one great place
There will be no particular religion, no fixed race
It will be awesome where people will revel
One day we the youngsters will surely make this earth heaven!

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Sunny Khanna writes, “I chose the Indo-Pak
theme because I think by the power of pen we youngsters can really make this world a better place.”