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They Would Have Seen Your Star

Soon as Jesus was born in Bethlehem,
The wise men in the East saw his star appear;
In wisdom they sought to worship him,
But King Herod was envious of the Young King;
And sought to kill him.

Soon as you were born,
The wise and the wicked,
In your family and community,
Would have seen your star;
If it shines brightly,
They want to squash it off,
If it arises in greatness,
They want to oppress and dazzle it,
If it arises in great honour,
They want to strike it with destructive arrows,
If they cannot root it out of the earth,
They afflict and make it miserable.

By day and by night;
You begin to experience delays,
Denials, disappointments, failures,
Oppression and frustration;
They want your heart bedimmed,
They want you sorrowful,
They want you downhearted,
They want you downcast,
To make you lose hope,
And lose vision of the great star,
That shines before you from birth;
You must look beyond the trials and forge ahead,
To win success and victory,
To attain your greatness and honour,
Your star cannot be stopped!

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