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Can Life Rewind

Since I was born into this world,
Many things have happened,
And a lot of things have changed,
Leaving us with sweet and bitter experiences;
Those things that were
Pleasant, joyful and exciting,
We desire to recur and continue;
But those that left us
In tears, sorrows and pains,
We forbid happening again.

Though more things keep happening,
Memories of the previous things,
Remain ever indelible;
And prove that the pleasant past,
Out-weigh the unpleasant.

Oh that life can rewind!
To enable us review the past events,
And possibly partake in them,
So as to experience them once again;
But can life rewind?

Even if it does and these events are repeated,
Can they be the same?
Where should it begin to play if it rewinds?
Better from infant days, of course!
But now that I am old,
Can I transform to an infant?
Will my mother still be strong,
To get me riding on her back,
And my father on his shoulders?
Can I get my playmates together
Again in the village?
Those who are dead among them,
Can they be in the scene again?

Surely I enjoyed those good days,
I remember and desire to see them again,
But if they come again,
Can they be exactly the same?

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I.O. Idamoyibo writes, “The following two poems are based on some events we always wish to celebrate again. But even if they recur, they cannot be the same as they were.”

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