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A Breath Taken by You

The silence of a forest.
Feel the breeze.
No one is with me.
Do not come please.

I feel so well.
I do not realize I am sad.
But when I hear a faint sigh,
I am glad.

to know someone is with me.
I can breathe again.
In your presence.

I am not afraid nor sad.
I finally have company


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Dominque has been sharing her poetry with Poetryfans since she was 11years old. She has continued to send poems at certain times through her teen years. You can follow her progress by reading her poems at the site. Here is what she wrote when she was 11:

“My poem is about me wanting to have company because no one likes me. The person I am talking about is a friend of mine. Before he comes I feel as if I am well.

“When he finally comes, I notice how lonely I felt. He finally gives me company and I do not feel abandoned and afraid.

“I am 11 years old and next year I will be 12. I love poetry. At first I wanted to be an author because I liked to make up stories. But then I made them shorter and shorter. Then, I wanted to express myself. Finally I decided to be a poet.

“My favorite authors are Lois Lowry and Emily Rodda (aka Jennifer Rowe) and my favorite poet is Lewis Carroll.”