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The Shameless Negotiators

It is normal for the poor to take loans from the rich,
But when the rich comes to take loans from the poor,
It should be known that buttocks have moved forward,
Taking the place of the genitals;
Here was a woman born with silver spoon in her mouth,
Born into affluence,
Born into the richest family in the world,
She began to lavish the family funds,
Devaluating her family status.

At home she poses at the height of greatness,
She adorns herself in raiment of significance,
But outside she is humbled,
With praises in her presence,
But scorned behind as a celebrated fool;
At the scene outside,
She is given a beloved position,
And crafty pieces of advice,
Capable of destroying her home;
For self aggrandizement and corrupt gains,
She applies this flagrance of stupidity,
Portraying brain-emptiness and idiotic nonentity.

Having drained her family funds,
She took much loans from World Bank;
But we do not know where World Bank really is,
She wants to pose more to her villagers,
That she remains great in spite of her debt,
She must now lead delegations,
To negotiate her debt relief,
After all, everyone does the same;
But do you know where and how she would start?
She must take some other family members with her,
And the negotiations must start from European countries,
To African countries,
To Asia and America.

So she starts with a delegation to Britain, Italy,
South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana,
Ghana, Liberia, Senegal,
Morocco, Egypt, Rwanda, Kenya,
Australia, New York and Texas,
The journey is not ended;
For each trip it is a delegation of twenty,
All team members with their wives and children,
Lodging in the best hotels,
Relocating from one city to another;
Would she incur more debt from the traveling expenses?
Is the World Bank located in all these countries?
Who is she negotiating with?
Or, is she looking for opportunity to tour the world,
And come to pose to the villagers,
That she has been to all the nations of the world?
Great, a ‘been-to’ woman!

But the negotiations must be tough really,
Only two or three sound minds cannot cope,
At least if a member of the team starts a sentence,
He puts forth just one word,
Then his wife adds another word,
And each of his children adds a word,
By the time all twenty members,
Their wives and children say a word each,
A sentence of one thousand words would have been made,
Then debt relief is sure;
And this great debtor is sure to be well applauded,
She is indeed a shameless negotiator to celebrate.


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