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Each Poem, A Prized Memento

I’d choose Ogden Nash
Or Edgar Guest,
Or Emily Dickenson
Over an ivory slope at Vail,
Or the setting of a tropical sun.

I’d choose G.M. Hopkins
Or W.B. Yeats,
Or even Christina Rossetti,
Over a cruise on the Q E 2
On New Year’s Eve with confetti.

I’d choose Robert Frost
Or W.H. Auden,
Or good old Karl Shapiro,
Over a wine tasting tour of France,
Or a visit to the grave of Nero.

I guess the moral being:
Everyone boards some train.
Everyone has their depot.
Mine is in my brain,

Each poem a prized memento!

Copyright 1990, M.J. McGuire

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M.J. McGuire writes, “I strive to write formal style poetry that is fresh and contemporary. My poetry stesses form, meter, imagery, and theme.”