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Restless Abandon

If I had to choose
Between all that's calm
And all that's smooth
I'd still choose you
. . . my restless abandon

If I had to be
With all that's tame
And those without shame
I'd still choose you
. . . my restless abandon

If life passes me by
And I back down never cry
Let petty urges die
To be deprived
. . . of my restless abandon

May time be the guide
To help me decide
How the energies drive
Me to intensely desire
. . . his innocent restless abandon

So if I dare succumb
To your innocent songs
Your sweet words of yore
Testing my amour
. . . I'd be with his restless abandon

If fate whispers near
And says in my ear
Let him live his life
And he'll ne'er take a wife
. . . I'll still love him my restless

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