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Through the darkened streets I walk
where the homeless people stalk.
In the alleyways I'm balked,
as the unkempt people talk
through foggy clouds of emptiness
and shadowlands of loneliness.

The hazy pools of streetlamp light,
the emptiness of city night,
the murky depths of hopeless flight,
oozing blood to blind your sight,
as neon rainbows lie to you
with empty words that sound so true!

Bright and gay the hanging signs,
attracting crowds with their designs
and phrases that sound benign,
hding there so you won't find
the empty promises that's sobbed
behind their brightly lit fa├žade!

The hopeless and unending plight,
the staring eyes without sight,
like a putrid, creeping blight
upon the never ending fight
of screaming at the neon sky
and wondering why they even try!

The ever present monotony
of sin and mediocrity
that everyone's too blind to see!
Wallowing in their misery
I stumble on impatiently,
afraid I'll wander helplessly
with car lights shining blindingly
upon the shattered hopes of me!

Can no one hear their plea?

People lie unconsciously
while bragging of their honesty.
Their words flowing liquidly
as they walk by hastily
to their homes and family
who live on so emptily
within this town of apathy.


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The author, from Houston, Texas, writes “Coming back from my oldest son's music gig one night I spotted several homeless
people begging in the street. This poem is the result.”